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Environmentally Friendly Packaging


Cutting Travel Carbon Emissions

We understand the importance of using clean energy and minimizing emissions. That is why we are committed to reduced business travel and using environmentally friendly fully electric or hybrid vehicles.

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Core Downlight Packaging

Responsible Packaging

With an estimated eight million tons of plastic ending up in the ocean each year – killing one million marine birds and threatening hundreds of marine life species – we all need to do our bit to help save the environment. 

That is why RICOMAN has started a shift over to ECO packaging. The new packaging is not using plastics, the cardboard will be sustainable and not be bleached or laminated.

We also use a cardboard shredder to recycle old cardboard to use for packaging. This way we minimize the use of plastic bubble wrap.

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Environmentally Friendly
Battery Technology

Lithium iron phosphate batteries have far superior operating characteristics compared to traditional lead-acid batteries, they are also far less toxic to produce and recycle.

Compared to other lithium battery technologies, LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries use non-toxic and more abundant materials that can be produced with less energy. 

An advantage of LiFePo4 batteries for lighting purposes is that the cells charge faster than oxide cells. This means that the battery charges quicker and emergency lighting products using the LiFePo4 battery can be used quicker after installation or emergency use. LiFePo4 also offer a slower discharge when not connected to mains. This results to a longer lifetime circle and emergency duration.


UK Made Products

We manufacture and modify many of our products in the UK. 

We also use local British suppliers to modify and customise products. This way we reduce carbon emissions from air and sea freight and support the local economy. 

See all of our “Made in Britain” products on our home page

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Green Thinking Grid Ceiling Light

“The challenge was obvious, we needed to create a truly sustainable grid ceiling luminaire to help us build a greener future”

Traditional LED panels contain a large amount of plastic in the refractor and diffusers. This is a cause for concern as the chemicals used in the manufacturing of acrylic products, the chemical waste from the acrylic plants and what happens to the materials after they have served their life can be a big issue for the environment.

RICOMAN has launched an innovative new product into the LED lighting industry which can change the market for the better. O2 modular ceiling luminaire offers installation versatility, different optic to suit lighting design applications and fantastic performance to give even more energy savings, all at an affordable cost comparable to panel lights.  However, O2 uses around 94% (by weight) less plastics than a standard LED panel and at the end of its lifetime the modules which contain the light engines and drivers can be simply replaced without the need for any wiring or even any tools! The old modules can even be returned back to RICOMAN where they will be recycled into new modules.

Circular Economy Lighting

Energy consumption has been rapidly increasing for a number of years, in line with rapidly declining natural resources; this has to change. Many businesses have identified problems with the current linear economy where products have a shelf life and then are discarded. There is a growing desire to move towards a circular economy to ensure sustainability.


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A circular economy uses resources more effectively by creating rather than wasting, using rather than owning, and reusing rather than disposing. So how does the issue of lighting fit into this circular economy picture? When we relate the circular economy to lighting, products are designed in a fully sustainable way. When the lighting product comes to the end of its lifetime it can be upgraded and reused, or the materials and parts can be returned for re-purposing or recycling.


In summary, the Circular Economy is something we all need to embrace and move towards in every aspect of our lives. The world is becoming more environmentally aware and the process of having a luminaire for a few years and then disposing of it doesn’t support a sustainable world therefore there needs to be a shift to much sustainable way of lighting. With any change it takes time for mainstream adoption however RICOMAN already have a number of products to make uptake to circular lighting a much simpler process.

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Lighting Control Systems and Energy Saving Solutions

We integrate smart technology such as sensors to reduce energy consumption in many of our products. Adding sensor solutions reduces significantly the carbon footprint and is beneficial for our clients monthly energy cost. 

In domestic products, we have downlights that dim down to night mode, which also reduces consumption. Get in touch to learn how you can achieve smart lighting solutions that maximize your savings. 

Find out about our new sustainable lighting service please visit

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We are proud members of a number of associations that support sustainability 

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