Industrial & Warehouse Lighting projects

Large buildings need large amount of lighting, but that doesn’t mean your energy bills need to be large too. Business are always looking for ways to reduce overheads and upgrading to our LED industrial lighting may just be that solution; our industrial LED lighting is designed to be not only energy efficient but innovative and of the highest quality. As technology improves so does our knowledge of the correct methods and situations for lighting, this is why we keep up to date with the legislative regulations to ensure optimum conditions and safety at all times.

People recognise Ricoman as a provider of lighting solutions that do more than the minimum compliance requirements, we provide Industrial lighting that works for your specific business and environment. Our lighting design team have completed projects for warehouse lighting, production bays, mechanical workplace environments and much more. These environments can be dangerous places which is why safety and correct lighting is of the highest importance to us at Ricoman, in addition to improving safety our LED lighting solutions will also have the benefits of sustainability, lower maintenance , carbon and energy saving.


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