New Product Launch – Sky LED Panels

Ricoman launch Sky Ceiling LED Panels. They come in a four or six panel configuration, di-mensions are 600mm x 600mm each panel and only 30mm slim. They have multiple benefits, combining high quality optics with a unique natural daylight sky effect, known to minimize stress and maximise energy and productivity.

Users can experience the positive effects of daylight when they are inside, with the unique arti-ficial sky light creating an illusion of an actual window to the outside.

Sky panels are suitable for lay in ceiling integration on T grid ceilings, with surface frame and suspension kits also being available. They are flicker-free, to minimise eye fatigue and come with a three year warranty and over 30,000 hours of lifetime.

Suitable for a wide range of applications such as retail stores, receptions, waiting rooms and many more, the new Ricoman panel light range can add a unique atmosphere and improve people’s mood and productivity.

Follow the link to the product page for more details here.