Light and Sleep

It is becoming well known that the blue light emitted by electronic devices such as tablets and smartphones can have a detrimental effect on our sleep however many don’t consider the effect the colour of the room lighting is also having on our sleep.

Light affects our mood, energy and daily life in ways many we do not consider. Brightness and colour temperature have a huge impact. The light we want when we are doing work in the middle of the day will not be the same light we want in the evening when we are relaxing.

Many of us around the world are neglecting our bodies natural lighting needs and as a result we are potentially inhibiting our ability to sleep, contributing to difficult bedtimes and frequent night waking. Your natural body clock gets disturbed and put ‘out of sync’ by bright light, especially from ‘cooler’ white light source. As a result the melatonin signals don’t begin to tell your body it is ‘time for bed’. This leaves you lying awake at night.

However, don’t despair there is a solution and it’s called Human Centric Lighting. Human Centric Lighting is a lighting solution that takes into consideration the visual and the non visual effects of the lighting. Human Centric lighting mimics the natural daylight in terms of colour temperature and dimming levels as an aid for our internal body clock.

More and more people are thinking about circadian rhythm when choosing the lighting. The demand has only increased with many peoples homes now doubling as home offices meaning peoples lighting needs to have a dual purpose for many office lighting applications and increasingly home application due to more and more people working from home.

A number of RICOMAN luminaires feature tunable white light engines, which when connected to controls are able to follow a pre-set pattern of colour temperature change. Other Ricoman luminaires feature a simple RF remote control for simple adjustment of colour temperature and dimming levels. This can help to mimic our natural outdoor environment. As lighting manufacturers, we are passionate about not just well-lit spaces, but the use of the best lighting solution for an environment.