LED Panel Accessories

All of our panels come with a 5 Year Warranty, are all Flicker Free, and are all IP44 rated or greater, ally that to the use of top quality components, and Quality is assured. As a manufacturer selling direct to the UK Wholesale market, our panels are competitive against those of similar spec, but with our innovative accessory range, we believe we tip the scales in our favour.

All our panels contain a track system which allows the contractor or installer access to an enviable range of accessories, to suit almost any installation!

Every one of our panels comes with a secondary fixing as standard, so that in the event of a ceiling failure, the power cable doesn’t take the weight!

Need to install into a Burgess or Armstrong Ceiling?

No problem with a Ricoman panel, our unique Burgess clips allow our panels to click right in.

If you need to surface mount your panels, we have a range of accessories for that as well.

We do a surface mounted frame, if you particularly want one, but for mounting on to plasterboard, why not try our innovative Z-Clips!

Half the price of a frame, and quicker to install, all you need is a hole for the driver, and a small hole for each clip, and the panel snaps up like a down-light! If you’re the client, and you don’t want a big chunky frame on your ceiling, here’s your answer, as all that shows below the ceiling is the panel!

We have full photometrics for all our products, so whether you’re a contractor, client or consultant, we can offer you a free lighting design service.

We think Quality is important to contractor & client alike, so we only use quality components and modern manufacturing techniques, because nobody wants costly return visits to site!

We think Value for Money is important to all, because nothing is more expensive in the long term than cheap product!

And we believe that through innovation, we can save time and money for contractor and client alike, because our products are often quicker to install and often provide a solution to site issues that others can’t!

We think we’ve got the balance right, and what that means to you is reliability, and what that really means is to fit and forget, isn’t that what all LED products are meant to be?