Kelvin Colour Temperature Guide

Colour temperature in lighting is measured in Kelvin and varies from warm to cool. Selecting the right colour temperature relies on personal taste, type of ambiance and time of the day.

Colour temperature has a significant effect on people’s mood and productivity, it is thus crucial to select the correct one for your setting.

We have created the following mini guide to help you decide the colour temperature for your environment.

Warm white 2700K-3500K

This will give off more of a yellow colour, reminding candles. It creates a nice, cosy and relaxing atmosphere and is most suitable for rooms that have a lot of warm wood tones. It has the ability to highlight reds and yellows to create an inviting space. Warm white is best used in rooms like bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms. Feature lighting, decorative lighting, and garden lighting are always nice in 3000K. Other applications apart from domestic ones include hotels, bars, restaurants and small boutique shops.

Cool white >3500K-4000K

This color range is often called cool white. It could be described as a radiant, clean and stimulating lighting.This is great for applications such as classrooms, libraries, laboratories, workshops, gyms, offices, and meeting rooms. Students, researchers, and employees benefit from the cool white temperature that helps concentrate on study and working. This temperature is also nice for bathrooms and kitchens that need to be cooler and brighter, so they remain functional for routines like applying makeup and cooking. 

Daylight >4000K-5000K

This is the most luminous lighting. It imitates sunlight to create a stimulating and clean environment. It gives off a bright amount of blue-white light, similar to that of daylight. This is why it’s best for display areas and work environments where very bright illumination is needed, such as warehouses, garages etc.


Warm White


Cool White




Other parameters such as general decoration, colours of the setting, personal taste, amount of natural sunshine available , specifications (if applicable) must also be taken into consideration. Please contact RICOMAN and we can discuss your requirements.

Ricoman also offer a range of CCT products, that change colour temperature using radio frequency or apps, compatible with human-centric or circadian lighting.