Healthcare Project of the Year 2021

We are incredibly honored to be the sole lighting supplier for Little Hulton Medical Centre, which was nominated as the HEALTHCARE PROJECT OF THE YEAR 2021. 

See the video:

The title was awarded by Partnerships Awards 2022, more details can be found on this link (please scroll down to the 2021 finalists). 

A top architectural project relies on top lighting solutions which is what we provided to the Little Hulton Health Centre. The practice is serving around 13,000 patients in the vicinity. Ricoman lighting team worked closely with Bluesky Design Services. Ricoman supplied the entire lighting package to a total area of 17,500 Sq Ft.

You can read the entire case study here, where you can also find some ideas on a wide range of lighting products, all specified for the healthcare sector. 

Ricoman has a wide experience in medical, hospital and generally lighting for the healthcare sector. 

If you are currently working for the healthcare sector, whether it’s a new project or a refurbishment, please do get in touch at or rinf 0151 451 5913 and we will be delighted to assist you.