Ricoman Core Downlight Eco Friendly Packaging

Core Downlight Launch

Fire Rated i-joist downlight

After months of research and development, Ricoman is proud to introduce a cost effective and highly reliable new downlight, named after one of our most popular “Over-The-Counter” ranges, which is “Core”. Core Plus and Core UGR 600×600 panel lights are one of our most sucessful product lines, extensively used in commercial applications. 

The new product, Core, is a 30| 60| 90 Fire Rated recessed downlight. The main benefit is that it has been tested and approved for both solid and I-JOIST ceilings. 

The main features are: 

Switchable 3000K or 4000K via switch behind bezel
Shallow 53mm depth and 70mm cut out
Integrated dimmable driver
Interchangeable bezels
IP65 protection (front) 

Core is thus ideal for any large residential project and for domestic lighting use as well. 


Sustainable packaging

We are committed in manufacturing and delivering products that are sustainable and have the minimum impact to the environment. This is why Core is the first product that comes in a brand new designed, eco-friendly packaging that is neither bleached or laminated. 


How to buy Core

Core downlight is a stock item and can be found in all the main large national and independent electrical wholesalers. The fitting comes in a white bezel as standard and additional bezels (chrome, brushed chrome or black) can be supplied separately in a very competitive pricing. 

Since its very first launch day, it has already become extremely popular. Therefore, please contact Ricoman directly at sales@ricoman.com or your local wholesaler to check stock and availability.