2023- Community, Curiosity & Growth

A message from Liang GaoRICOMAN Lighting Managing Director, to all our friends, customers, partners, and colleagues. 

We would like to begin by saying a massive thank you for your loyalty in Ricoman in the past year and the good effort you have put in during 2022.

Going into 2023, our economy in particular the construction industry is facing several challenges. Rising interest rate, economic recession, ongoing war in Ukraine, component shortage, China COVID chaos, these are just some of the factors at play. Positive news can seem hard to come by.

However, for RICOMAN we see 2023 as a year of hope, as we start off by welcoming new colleagues and several new ranges of exciting products. Therefore, we remain cautiously optimistic, and we firmly believe we will weather the ongoing storm as a team and emerge from it ready for the sunshine and growth ahead. 

We will all keep building on our company ethos of COMMUNITY, CURIOSITY and GROWTH, we look forward to working with you together and making 2023 a year of success!