I-Joist Ceilings and Downlights

Ceiling Joints

Ceiling joints are the horizontal parts shaping the frame to fix the ceiling. Their job is to support the diagonal rafters which define the shape of the roof. These rafters are located at the top to a ridge beam. In simple words, the joints are responsible of supporting the walls and providing the structure that the actual ceiling will be attached on. Ricoman have developed a downlight compatible with many different types of ceiling joints. 

What is an I-joist ceiling

Opposite to the traditional timber joist, an I-Joist is a specially engineered wood joist designed to overcome the natural flaws of the conventional ones. In this case, the joist are “I” shaped and are sturdy yet lightweight.


The I-joists are manufactured under certain standards to eliminate the imperfections of a natural timber material. They are constructed in two parts, the web, which is sandwiched between two flanges, creating the “I” shape.

Their performance and tolerance are outstanding in relation to their size and weight. They allow to achieve more significant spans along with reduced bounce and deflection issues and their lightweight design facilitates drilling for the installation of cables, ducting and pipes.

Thanks to all these features they are increasingly popular as a contemporary alternative to the traditional solid timber design.

Ricoman’s Core Downlight is compatible with I-joist ceilings.

Fire Safety

Part B of the Building Regulations covers fire safety in traditional type of ceilings, where a downlight should be fire rated to the original fire standards of 30, 60 and 90 minutes. However, when specifying downlights for an I-Joist ceiling installation, the traditional standards do not apply; the downlight should be I-Joist compliant and tested with this type of ceiling. With that in mind, Ricoman designed the Core Fire Rated Downlight.

Core Fire Rated

From the early stages of the Core Downlight research and development, the product was designed to cover the need of the market for an I-joist ceiling compliant downlight. Ricoman has performed extensive tests and is proud to provide all the I-joist test reports for 30, 60 and 90 minutes.

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Our passion is to supply lighting solutions compliant with the latest safety regulations.

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