Let Your Imagination FLOW

Imagine the light flowing freely, creating independent or crossing rings, waves, spirals, interconnecting curves. 

Imagine the direction of the light moving from downwards to inwards and outwards. 

Imagine straight lines ending up in curves, transforming from 2D to 3D lighting, creating unlimited possibilities. 

Now open your eyes and let the FLOW Lighting system open new illumination horizons. 






Unlimited Possibilities

Flow system is comprised of straight and curved basic modules that can be combined in different ways to create unique lighting projects. The modules can be configured to classic circular luminaires, rounded rectangles, continuous waves or even more abstract shapes. The single or continuous luminaires can be suspended or mounted on ceilings and walls with the light directing downwards, inwards, outwards and also twisting.

Your Design. Your Specification. Your FLOW.

FLOW Series

Discover all the different shapes and modules available with the Flow Series, which comes in rings or arches and lines.

Follow the link to the main product pages to see the full details and specifications. 

Downwards Ring

Inwards Ring

Outwards Ring

Straight Line

Inwards Arc

Outwards Arc

Downwards Arcs

Twisted Lines

FLOW Preset Shapes

We have created some ready shapes so you don’t have to work out the codes and configurations. 

You can proceed to order them straightforward or use them as an inspiration so that you can further build towards your preferred configuration. 

Inverted Circles

Curved Rectangle

Twisted Rectangle

2D Wave

3D Wave

Flower Bloom




Flow system is ideal for a number of different applications. If you have a lighting project, get in touch with us and we will provide you with a comprehensive lighting design proposal.

We are next to you at every stage of your project and conduct site surveys to best understand your lighting needs and make sure everything is running smoothly. The Flow parts can be supplied in stages, grouped and referenced for the different areas.


Applications Not Limited To:

Residential insta-01


Retail insta-01


Leisure insta-01


• Reception and entrance 
• Living room
• Bedroom
• Dining Room
• Recreation area

• Fashion shop
• Jewelry shop
• Car dealership
• Shopping centre
• Cosmetics

• Bar/ restaurant
• Museum
• Cinema
• Library
• Gym

3D Designs

At RICOMAN, we are proud to work with creative lighting designers who have a deep understanding of interior architecture. We will carefully listen to your needs to provide lighting schemes and renders.
And we will finally deliver your lighting solutions on specification, on budget, on schedule. This is one of the 3D renders we recently did using the Flow flexible curved lighting system. If you want your lighting to stand out, then give us a ring.

3D View 3
3D View 2

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