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Casambi is a bluetooth smart wireless control unit for LED lighting which allows simple control via your smartphone/tablet and your existing wall switches. The system reduces the need for additional cabling to be installed when carrying out a refit or new installation.


Casambi provides a modern wireless lighting control solution based on Bluetooth Low Energy. Key aspects of the Casambi solution are great user experience, high performance and scalability from basic individual fixture controls to industrial scale solutions with cloud based remote control, monitoring and data logging. There are a number of Casambi enabled products available from Holders. All these products can work seamlessly together to form a mesh network.

Our Casambi Ready Range

  • Ricoman have a range of products that are ready to operate with Casambi Controls:


Our R&D team is constantly working in order to add more products in our “Casambi Ready” portfolio. Please give us a ring at 0161 451 5913 to find out if the RICOMAN fitting you are interested in, can be Casambi configured. 

Casambi Overview


Grouping Luminaires

Grouping luminaires in the Casambi app is very easy. Grouping works with the same gestures as grouping apps in your smart device. After grouping, all the luminaires in the group can be controlled all together or the group can be opened for individual control.


Different lighting situations for different occasions can be created. It is possible to control multiple luminaires with one tap to create the perfect ambience for different occasions and needs. One luminaire can be used in several scenes.


Animations are dynamic scenes, where it is possible for the lighting to fade from one scene to another scene. Animations can be recalled to cycle through different lighting situations once or they can be set on repeat. The duration of each scene and the fade times between scenes can be set.


Casambi's unique gallery feature makes control more intuitive than ever. Users simply take photos of a space, or upload a floor plan to the app, and mark the positions of the luminaires. The images then appear in a gallery in the app, with luminaires shown, and users simply tap the one they want to control.

Colour temperature

Casambi offers a comprehensive colour controlling possibility. A luminiare manufacturer can define the limits of the Casambi Ready luminaires's colour range beforehand. A user can change the colour in a simple manner from the app and also save his/her favorite colours in a colour palette.

Daylight sensor

The control solution allows dimming of artificial lighting when daylight is available for achieving maximum lighting quality and reduced energy consumption. Daylight sensors measure the illuminance and report the lux values to the network.

Occupancy sensor

The Casambi lighting control system supports movement sensors, also overlapping movement sensor information. Motion sensors can be used to save energy and only to have lighting on when it is actually needed.

Calendar & Timer

With the calendar and timer functionality scenes and animations can be turned on and off based on a convenient time, date or certain weekdays to fit users' needs, seasons and different activities. All the Casambi units keeps track of time.

Sunrise & Sunset

Casambi units are able to calculate the the local sunrise and sunset times, provided that the network's timezone and location are set. When the location is requested the application is temporarily using GPS to retrieve the current location of the mobile device.


The Casambi system is scalable and is suited equally well for small one room solutions as for big building complexes. The Casambi solution is based on networks and an unlimited amount of networks can be created.

More About Casambi

Bluetooth Low Energy was developed at Nokia Research Center where the founders of Casambi worked. That’s why Casambi has had the unique advantage in realising the potential of Bluetooth Low Energy early on. Casambi started the development of the solution before there were any Bluetooth Low Energy devices on the market.

The Casambi technology provides a mesh network where all the intelligence of the system is replicated in every node and, in such a way, creates a system with no single points of failure.

Such self-organizing wireless mesh network can control a large number of fixtures from any point. It also allows for firmware updates over the network, allowing any kind of changes to be made over-the-air. In this kind of fully distributed and symmetric architecture, any unit can go offline and catch up from others when they return back online.

The Casambi devices are smart on their own and only connected when needed. An Internet connection is not necessary for normal operation, it is just needed for user interface configurations to be sent or recalled from the cloud service.


Try the app first!

With the Casambi app you can control your lighting from anywhere – just from a smartphone or tablet. The operation is very user friendly, ensuring the application can be used immediately and without training.

See how easy it is to use by downloading the app from Google or Apple app stores and run a demo of a real world lighting system for yourself.

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