Hygiene Protection on Ricoman Luminaires

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RICOMAN in collaboration with SteriTouch, have developed an antimicrobial coating and application process, which will maintain both the efficacy and the aesthetic of a luminaire. SteriTouch antimicrobial protection offers an excellent additional measure to routine infection control; working 24/7 to resist the growth of microbes. 

The antimicrobial performance of coated RICOMAN luminaires is verified by independent laboratory testing to the international standards (JIS and ISO) and has been proven to be 99.99% effective against MRSA and E.coli.

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RICOMAN has a wide range of luminaires for use in hospitals, other medical applications and generally in places where high hygiene standards is a demand. SteriTouch coating as an add-on that makes RICOMAN luminaires antimicrobial and has a great demand, especially in our recessed modular and linear lighting. Speak to us to find out more.

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